To Thee O Gracious Father

The words to this hymn were written by Fr. Christopher Phillips in 1990 while he was pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. The music is Thaxted, by Gustav Holst. based on the stately theme from the middle section of the Jupiter movement of his orchestral suite The Planets and named after Thaxted, the English village where he resided much of his life.


To Thee, O Gracious Father,
    we lift our loving hearts;
to us the Bread of Heaven
    eternal life imparts.
We thank thee for thy favour
    that marks us as thine own;
Lord, keep us ever faithful,
    who come before thy throne.
What love thou hast bestowed on us,
    a love which makes us free!
It cleanses us from ev'ry sin,
    and keeps us close to thee.

To Thee, O Christ our Saviour,
    we come for saving grace;
we see how tender love is
    by looking on Thy face.
Keep us from all things hurtful
    by the power of Thy Cross;
and help us to remember
    our gain comes from Thy loss.
What heav'nly Food is ours, Lord,
    this Food which makes us free!
It fills our hearts and makes us whole,
    and keeps us close to thee.

To Thee, O Holy Spirit,
    we whisper our desire;
our lives are empty vessels:
    Lord, fill them with Thy fire.
Make us Thy faithful people
    who seek to do thy will;
give us thy gifts of power,
    our empty hearts to fill.
What peace that passes ev'ry thought,
    that peace which makes us free!
It banishes each doubt and fear
    and keeps us close to thee.

From Thee, O Triune Godhead
    salvation is come down;
Atonement now is given,
    mankind receives his crown.
In Sacrament tremendous
    we touch eternity;
we love thee, God our Saviour:
    thou art our destiny.
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
    our faith shall never cease!
In thee we have eternal life
    and never ending peace!


  PDFs:   Unison score   Thaxted harmony

The Choir and Congregation of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham,
Houston, Texas.


The Communion of the Apostles
In thanksgiving for the ordination of Bishop Steven Lopes