Class of 68 - Heidelberg American High School

1996 Reunion of the Century

1996 Reunion of the Century Official Picture

Claudia Sterling Zahorcak, Rosa Lewis Tilton, Kathy McGinley
Bob Hyde, Jim Nelson, John Covert

Dinner, Sunset, and Dancing at the Molkenkur

That's Kathy's daughter Molly in the front, and my wife Pam next to me.

Lunch at Schloß Schwetzingen

Are you beginning to get the idea that all we did was eat and drink? You're right.

Beer and Sausage at the High School Gym

Where's Claudia? Behind the camera.

The Boat Cruise

Three hours on the Neckar.

Dinner at Belle Epoque in the Stadthalle

Elegance and good food.

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