Class of 68 - Heidelberg American High School

1993 Dallas All-Years Grand Reunion

This was an All-Years Reunion, but because it was our 25th, we were there in force.

1993 Grand Reunion Official Picture

Marilyn McAdoo '70, Stephen George '68, John Covert '68, Eric Hansen '68, Roy Garner '68, Gary Jacobsen '68, James Nelson '68, Robert Hyde '68, Todd Schafer '68, Dave Garner '70
Janet Taft '67, Claudia Sterling '68, Sande MacHugh '65, Candice Vorhies '65, Linda Bullock '60, Marsha Patrick '60, Ann Moring '68, Linda Pace '68, Gail Lain '68

Hanging out in the '68 Suite

Bob Hyde, Roy Garner, Eric Hansen

Jim Nelson, Anne Moring, Gail Lain, Linda Pace

Dancing (well, we did!), Eating, and Talking

Ute Sullivan and husband Mark Mike

John Covert and wife Pam

Stephen George w/Marilyn McAdoo '70 (sister of Brian '68)

Gary Jacobsen

Roy Garner and wife

James Nelson

Claudia Sterling and Anne Gaines

No scrapbook of the 93 Reunion could possibly be complete without a tribute to Claudia, the best class Alumni Secretary we could possibly have, who spent hours organizing the '68 events at the reunion and still works tirelessly keeping track of all of us. Hail Claudia!

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