Kathleen McGinley

Updated November 2000:

The picture to the left arrived with an update from Kathleen, who is now living near Orlando, Florida. The picture was taken during a Fall 2000 theatre trip to New York with her fiancé José. Kathleen and José are shown at the Schubert Theatre with actor Clark Peters who is currently playing the part of attorney Billy Flynn in the Broadway production of Chicago.

Written in 1996:

My name is Kathleen McGinley. I attended HHS from 9/64 through 6/67.

We left Germany just after my junior year because my dad decided to call it quits with the army after 26 years of service. I wound up gr aduating at a small country school in New York (Monroe Central Woodbury HS) in 1968.

I finished college at Louisiana State University with a B.A. in Commercial Banking, worked in the mortgage banking industry for twelve years as a loan officer, originator, branch manager. I've been living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for the past 26 years. I was married for 15 years, and have been widowed for 3 years. I have two children, Molly and Tommy Bauch, aged 16 and 15.

I'm heavily involved in community volunteer work, serve on my church parish council, and recently ventured into residential real estate as a sales agent. Hobbies include acting in community theater, dancing and gourmet cooking.

I'm bringing my daughter to the reunion. What a kick. She's the age I was at Heidelberg High. I can show her the castle I went to the prom in, my high school, where I lived. Pass on the history.

I have kept in touch with my best friend from high school, Patricia Mastromatteo (now known as Tish Roberto) who lives in Connecticut with her husband, Drew, and daughter, Carianne (her son, Chris, just graduated from the Naval Academy in May). Tish graduated from HHS in '68.


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