Class of 1968

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NAME (and links if we have one)NOTES PICTURES
Claudia Sterling ZahorcakAlumni Secretary            
Ronald Amick   
Anita Anderson   
Stephen Baldwin   
John Barterno email  
Michael Bavaro   
Kate Bell   
Greg Ball   
Michael Eugene Bell   
Thomas Bissell   
Cheryl Bowers Hancock   
Edward J Brendel   
Mandy Bullard Vowell   
"John (Ben) Burwasser"   
George Butlersno email  
Marcia Carr Fox   
Cliff Chadwick 
Linda Christenberry Traenkle 
Dan Churchleft in 66  
Cary Clay   
Reggie Coleman 
Jane Comstock   
Cheryl Cook   
John CovertWebmaster, left in 67      
Jacquelyn Crane Nelson   
Rosita Cutlip   
Nancy Dezarn Garveyno email  
Thomas Dickerson 
Patricia Dickson 
Luise Eberhart George   
Robert R. Edgerleft in 67  
Mimi Estrada Drehman   
Chip Fitzpatrick 
Regina Foelsch Breece 
Anne Gaines Hawpe 
Martha Gallagher Brown   
Roy Garnerno email   
Richard Gayler   
John Allen Geraci   
Don E Gill   
Stephen Georgeno email   
Hans F. GeresNo automatic email  
Michael Graine   
Annette Gregg Jackson   
Susan Gordon Weir   
Richard Hack   
Eric Hansen    
Margaret Harrison Ward 
Rachel Helm   
Jeffrey Hering 
Carol Houk Frankel   
Jan Huckabey   
Sally Hutchison Gabby   
Robert Hyde       
Stephen Inman   
Gary Jacobson       
Michael Jennings 
Bart Johnson   
Bob Kirkpatrick   
Carl Kruger   
Gail Lain Streett    
Bruce Landry       
Fred Lashmet   
Brian Lee   
Rosa Lewis Tilton    
David Lindsey   
Randy Lineleft in 66  
Brad Loo 
Jodie Low Richardson 
Tish Mastromatteo Roberto   
Kathleen McGinley       
Dale McKee   
Michael Mendell   
Christine Miller McGregor   
Veronica MinchNo automatic email  
William B. Morgan   
Ann Moringno email   
Alice Morrow   
Betty Murray Macfarlaneleft in 65  
Bill Naylor   
Jim Nelson       
Lida Nichols   
Richard O'BrienNo automatic email  
Steven Otto   
Linda Pace Zajdel    
Andrea Packoleft in 67  
Margie Page Herrold   
Susan Pavick Neel 
Beverly Peel Stengel   
Robert A. Perdue   
Jack Perrigo   
Sandy Preer   
John Ranesleft in 65  
Patricia Rusek von Petnerleft in 65  
Tim Ryanleft in 66  
Summer Sayes Purvis   
Todd Schaferno email   
Walter Schick   
Skip Schweitzer   
Avelina Sharpless Belardi   
Barbara Shimei   
Cathy Shoultz Spears   
Deborah Sirbaugh Inge   
Beth Semelmaker Masse   
Madeline Shettle Rines   
Dave Smith 
Pat Sobel Hershwitzkyleft in 65  
Ute Sullivan Mike 
Lorraine Syverson Curtis   
Ross Taylor 
Deborah van Dyk Woodard   
Gary Veazey 
John WeeksNo automatic email  
Patricia Wernerleft in 65  
Richard Whitney   
Greg Willard 
Herbert Winkellerno email  

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If the comments column says "No automatic email", we have the email address, but have been asked not to send mass mailings. You can still get the email address from Claudia. If the comments column says "no email", then we don't know the email address; if you do, please let us know.

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